API Usage

Where is the API available?

The API is available at api.aprtoapy.com/convert which can convert from APR to APY or vice versa. Swagger documentation is available at api.aprtoapy.com/swagger.

How can I use the API?

All calls are GET requests and require both (apr or apy) and (compoundingPeriod or compounding). Pass apr to get apy, pass apy to get apr. Both are specified in basis points: eg. 750 will equate to 7.5%. compoundingPeriod is specified in days. compounding will set the days for you based on passing one of the following pre-selected options: DAILY, MONTHLY, QUARTERLY, SEMI_ANNUALLY, or ANNUALLY.

Does the API cost money?

The API is completely free but rate-limited by IP to 1,000 calls per 24 hour period. Shoot us a message if you need additional capacity.

API Examples

Convert 5% Monthly APR to APY

Request URL
curl -X 'GET' 'https://api.aprtoapy.com/convert?apr=500&compounding=MONTHLY' -H 'accept: */*'

Convert 10% APY to Daily APR

Request URL
curl -X 'GET' 'https://api.aprtoapy.com/convert?apr=500&compounding=DAILY' -H 'accept: */*'